Other Industries

Apex manufactures and supplies a wide variety of industrial grade products for the food, oil and gas, and other industries.

Food Industry

Use our water-soluble products to provide customized solutions for your specific purpose within the food industry. Guar gum, for example, acts as a chameleon for many uses. It can aid in food processing, act as a gelling agent or provide texture and flavor. It is also used for pharmaceutical products such as nutritional supplements and laxatives.

Erosion Control Industry

We are proud to provide flexible, multi-use products that limit erosion and dust formation for many ground types, including construction and agricultural sites, golf courses, residences, highways, and landfills. Our newest, DustFloc, acts as a flocculation agent that enhances water infiltration in soil. This results in increased soil moisture which can lower runoff, create less soil detachment, and establish vegetation.

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