Erosion Control

Apex manufactures and supplies a wide variety of industrial grade erosion control products.

We are proud to provide flexible, multi-use products that limit erosion and dust formation for many ground types, including construction and agricultural sites, golf courses, residences, highways, and landfills. Our newest, DustFloc, acts as a flocculation agent that enhances water infiltration in soil. This results in increased soil moisture which can lower runoff, create less soil detachment, and establish vegetation.

  • When applied, DustFloc is active in the top 1 inch of the soil and the keeps that soil particles agglomerated.
  • DustFloc is available in a dry powder form (medium to course). Shipping costs are high, why pay to ship water!
  • Easily disperses with very little agitation.
  • Designed to be applied by Hydroseeders or Water Trucks.
  • Can be blended with various fiber sources to provide good cover and adherence to soil.
  • Provide Soil Erosion resistance against wind and rain.


Erosion Control Products:

  • APCOL Series of Guar gums

    A fine granulation guar powder with high viscosity. Primarily used in erosion control, mining and slurry trench applications. More Info >>

  • DustFloc

    A very versatile product when it comes to dust control applications.

  • PAM

    An anionic synthetic water-soluble polymer used in water-treatment, pulp & paper production, mineral processing and erosion control.

  • Polyfiber

    A specially coated synthetic fiber used to improve the dry strength of various types of mulches.

  • Apex PolyPlus

    A proprietary blend of APCOL 150 and other polymers along with Apex Polyfiber. It is highly effective when used in conjunction with various mulches; it improves dry and wet strength of the cured fiber matrix.

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