About Apex

One of the oldest suppliers of Guar powders in North America, Apex Resources was established in 1996 to facilitate the cross-border gap between India and the United States. After proving successful in smoothing the transition from procurement to delivery, we have grown and evolved into a third party fracturing and completion fluids supply chain provider.

Apex implements lean processes for demand-driven procurement, production and distribution of completion fluids. Our onsite fluid management system offers complete monitoring of on-spec, quality controlled gel systems, cross linkers, breakers and other completion fluid chemicals. By using our own fleet of trucks, trailers, mobile labs and frac tanks, we lower costs and provide a competitive advantage to our clients.

Our experienced international logistics team has over 150 years of combined experience, and works to achieve operational efficiency through integrated planning and forecasting. We enhance the customer experience by reducing working capital, and driving product and service innovation in a creative and sustainable manner.

Our Mission

Apex’s mission is to provide enhanced customer experience. Our team is committed ethically and morally to provide the entire supply chain with knowledge, integrated strategic planning, collaboration and innovation with quality controlled products. We work safely and responsibly implementing BMP to reduce health hazards and carbon footprint. We believe in diversity in our workforce increases thought process and idea generation.

Our Customers